Menstruation. one word with thousand connotations. The subject remains taboo. It all strats with the way we look at women, a person who live in cycles and menstruation is only a small part of it. Every phase will manifest in other behaviours and physical properties.

The menstruational cycle also reflects our health. We can detect inbalances of the whole body trough menstruational blood. In Chinese medicine, it is really important to pay attention to this.

Normally, menstruations should never be painfull. This is a great misunderstanding in many societies. Besides that, the color should always be clear red, without cloths, without brown rests before and after menstruation. It shouldn’t be too much or too less. It shouldn’t be irregular, too long or short. Even pronounced premenenstrual symptoms are a sign of inbalance.

Traditional Chinese medicine can have much meaning in regulising the menstrual cycle. Not only for menstruation itself, but every symptom that occurs during the menstrual cycle. To bring balance in this will also improve fertility.

In acupuncture and qi gong, I use the menstruation cycle to adapt the treatment on each phase the women is in