Preparation for delivery

Delivering a baby is a really intense process, and it goes with strong emotions and pain. For some people, it can be paired with a lot of stress. It has been proven that when parents are well prepared for the delivery, the process happens more smoothly.

In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a different view on health, and of the human being. Several techniques can be used to improve the natural labour process. There are several acupressure points to help with pain and to calm the mind. There are also breathing techniques and other qi gong exercises that can be helpful.

My goal is also to teach some tools to the people who will be present during the delivery, in order to support the delivering women.

To be well prepared, it is also essential to have enough knowledge about what will happen, this is why I advise to already make contact with a midwife before birth. It is also preferable to know the midwife who will come after your delivery.

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