Qi gong for women

Created to improve feminine health

Qi gong for women or nu zi gong is a combination of movements and self-massage. It focusses much on the breasts, thorax, belly and pelvic region. In the beginning of the session, specific warm-up exercices are used to create a better energy flow. It makes the body more receptive for the deeper work. There is a great benifit for the female organs, but it also works on letting go emotions.

Dr. Liu ya fei

Is the doughter of grandmaster Liu Gui Zhe and the director of one of the biggest centra for medical qi gong in China. In that hospital, patients from all over the world are treated with medical qi gong. It is also a scientific research center to study the benifits of qi gong on health. The form Liu ya fei practices is called nei yang gong. Later, she develloped qi gong for women.

For who?

All women! It can be used preventively and curatively. For example: painful menstruation, fertility issues or hormonal inbalances.