Qi gong

What is it?

Qi gong is a practice in which we learn to be aware of our energy and how to make it flow better.”Qi” literally means energy and “gong” means movement.

The five pillars in traditional Chinese medicine

There are 5 main ways to exercise this medicine: trough acupuncture, tuiNa massage, phytotherapy, nutrition and qi gong. All of them follow the same principles, but they use other paths to gain results. In qi gong there is a reason behind every movement. The meridians, acupuncture points and body area’s are streched and opened to release tensions. The breath, the intention and visualisation is also very important. This makes qi gong very different than ordinary sports. For this reason it is more seen as a meditation or therapy.

Several forms and streams

There are so many streams of qi gong, that you could never practice them all in a human life. The point is to choose the one you feel most comfortable with, or that gives you the best health benifits. They are all made for different purpuses, that’s why they have different characteristics and energy. Some of them will bring you in a more meditative state, others will focus more on streching and opening meridians.